Introducing Herbs....

source: Herbs & Spice, the cook's essential companion by Jill Norman

     What defines a herb or spice, and why are they used in cooking? Regional cuisines derive much of their character from how specific herbs and spices are combined and used. With increasing availability of fresh herbs and spices from around the world, every cook can recreate authentic regional dishes at home, and try out new combinations to his of her personal taste.

     The definition of what constitutes a herb or spice is not as straightforward as it  might seem. Broadly, we think ofherbs as plants used by cooks for their flavour and aroma. The word herb derives from the Latin herba, meaning grass or, by extension, green crop: it was originally applied to a wide range of leaf vegetables in addition to plants we now call herbs. Most of the culinary herbs we use now in temperate climates.

Below is the directory of herbs in pdf form:




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