The encouragement of efficient energy usage is a priority thrust for VECO, contrary to the positions traditionally espoused by other electric utilities. We recognize that energy efficiently used is like adding generation capacity to the grid, only that it is cheaper, faster and friendlier to the environment.
In 2008 we partnered with Osram, world leader in lighting technology, to promote usage of Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) within our franchise area. We did this by distributing 300,000 discount coupons which, when presented at selected supermarkets and department stores, entitled the bearer to a reduction in the price of high-quality Osram CFLs. This is a first for utilities in the Philippines. 
We also offered, working with Rockford Marketing, substantial discounts on CFLs for team members in VECO and sister companies.
In 2009, we will promote the usage of energy-efficient appliances, light fixtures as well as encourage consumption habits which help in reducing our individual appetites for energy. The EnergyWise series aims to educate on responsible energy use.
The cleanest energy is that we never use.