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Lighting the Way: Arian Gorre's Inspiring Path as a Female Electrician

How often do you meet a female electrician? Chances are, not very often, in fact, it is very rare to meet one. This is because our society's gender norms often dictate which professions are deemed suitable for men or women. This notion has led to certain careers being dominated by a single gender, causing unequal opportunities, and sometimes discrimination against the opposite gender.

Visayan Electric, one of the leading electric distribution companies in the country, is advocating for gender equality in the workplace – be it organic employees, contractors, or even our accredited electricians. Thus, for International Women’s Month, the company features yet another inspiring story from a woman who has defied the odds to be where she is now.

Let’s meet Arian.

Arian Gorre is an example of how one’s gender is not a limitation nor a hindrance to one’s career aspirations. As a property specialist, a certified electrician, and an auditor for the Cebu Skilled Workers Association and Trade Specialist (CSWATS) – an organization of electricians that is accredited with Visayan Electric, she defies societal expectations and excels in her field, showcasing that determination and skills are what truly matter in any profession.

“I feel happy and empowered,” she said when asked how it feels to be one of the very few women in a highly male-dominated industry. “It feels fulfilling to break stereotypes and defy expectations, showing that women are just as capable and skilled as men in the field of electrical work,” she added.

WOMAN UP: Arian installing electrical wiring inside a house. 

Reflecting on her experience, Arian is grateful that she has never been discriminated against in the workplace. Instead, she is surrounded by people who appreciate her as an electrician.

Although she also admitted that there were physical challenges she faced as a female electrician, particularly in using tools and equipment that were not specifically designed with women in mind. However, these challenges did not discourage Arian they made her stronger and more determined to succeed.

“Despite these challenges,” she said, “I have learned to adapt and find ways to effectively perform my job, proving that gender does not determine competency or capability.”

It might boggle many minds that Arian chose a career traditionally seen as that of a man, but this doesn't faze her at all. She wants to inspire other women to pursue their passion, even if that means defying odds and going against the status quo.

BEST OF BOTH WORLDS: Aside from being a certified electrician, Arian also works as a property specialist. Talk about an empowered woman!

Arian believes her role symbolizes the value of diversity and inclusivity in typically male-dominated fields. She sees it as a catalyst for both equality and innovation. Arian's journey has inspired numerous women, particularly young girls, with her child serving as her primary motivation.

“As a woman, an electrician, and a single parent,” she said, “my child is my source of strength and determination, pushing me to break barriers, shatter stereotypes, and show that anything is possible with hard work and perseverance.”

Visayan Electric has demonstrated a steadfast commitment to fostering women empowerment within its workforce, contractor groups, and accredited electricians. As more women take on traditionally male-dominated roles, the company prioritizes inclusivity through policies that enable women to partake in various training programs originally designed for men. These initiatives are meticulously crafted with a deep understanding of women's unique needs, ensuring equal opportunities for skill development and advancement.

Visayan Electric, together with CSWATS, champions trailblazers like Arian Gorre, advocating for workplace diversity and inclusion. It underscores the significance of selecting accredited electricians like Arian for household electrical needs, ensuring unparalleled service and safety standards.


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