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Visayan Electric and Aboitiz Foundation Launch Elevate AIDA Project Empowering Mothers in the Digital Economy

MOA SIGNING OF THE ELEVATE AIDA PROJECT: Present during the event are (from left to right): Mettamatch Inc. founder, Ms. Gina Romero; First Vice President/Chief Reputation & Sustainability Officer of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc., Ms. Ginggay Hontiveros; Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. President and COO, Ms. Maribeth Marasigan;  Visayan Electric's Reputation Enhancement Head, Ms. Quennie Bronce; and SSP Convenor, Ms. Christina Tenchavez.

"Dako kaayo akong pasalamat sa Elevate AIDA kay dako kaayo siyag tabang namong mga inahan kay bisan pag naa rami sa among balay, maka panginabuhi gihapon mi bisan pag nagbantay mi sa among mga anak." (I am very grateful to Elevate AIDA because it provides significant assistance to us mothers. Even when we are at home, we can still generate income while taking care of our children.) These are the words of Kris Ann Marie Escopete, a 21-year-old mother from Carreta, Cebu City, who is the youngest among the 40 mother beneficiaries of Elevate AIDA.

It has been three years since the pandemic was declared, yet many members of vulnerable sectors are still reeling from its ill effects. Lives have been lost, economies have crumbled, and jobs have been lost. However, like any other phenomenon, every coin has two sides, and the pandemic is no different. Despite the downward trend in many industries, it has also given rise to numerous online and digital spaces that provide opportunities for remote work.

Visayan Electric and Aboitiz Foundation have recognized this opportunity and formed a partnership with Connected Women, the leading community in the Philippines for women's empowerment in the digital economy, and Sentro sa Serbisyo ug Panginabuhian (SSP), just in time for Mother's Day.

On May 17, just a few days after Mother's Day, a Memorandum of Agreement was signed between Visayan Electric, Aboitiz Foundation, Connected Women, and SSP, officially launching the Elevate AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Data Annotation) Project.

This project consists of a 15-day training program that will provide training and upskill the 40 mother beneficiaries in digital skills, specifically in data annotation—a skill that is highly in demand in various industries today.

Ms. Ginggay Hontiveros, First Vice President and Chief Reputation & Sustainability Officer of Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc., promised the 40 beneficiaries that the foundation and its partners would work tirelessly to help these women achieve their goals.

"This is truly a testament to our shared commitment to all of you as we help ensure a better future for women in the Philippines. We want mothers, wives, and sisters to believe in themselves and in the power we have over our own destinies," she said.

Ms. Maribeth Marasigan, Aboitiz Foundation President and COO, who was also present at the MOA signing, mentioned that this initiative is the foundation's way of improving women's status amidst gender bias, the gender pay gap, and the lack of access to technology in the workplace.

In addition to the training and mentoring sessions, this project will assist the beneficiaries in seeking remote work opportunities upon program graduation. As a way of giving back, the beneficiaries from SSP, headed by Ms. Christina Tenchavez, promised to complete the training program, which will be conducted remotely through online conference videos.

Also present at the event were Ms. Quennie Bronce, Reputation Enhancement Head of Visayan Electric, who expressed gratitude to both the benefactors and beneficiaries for making this project possible, and Ms. Gina Romero, founder of MettaMatch, who shared how, just like all the mother beneficiaries, she herself wanted only the best for her family. Hence, she understood the drive of these women to improve their lives for the better.


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